Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ode to my angels

Flashing anger, heated words make way
For an involuntary smile, as a strong reprimand
Dilutes to a dull and ineffective nay

Ceaseless energy, a yen for fun
Open my eyes to something very special
With two varied insights into eternal bliss

Love doesn’t quite encompass
The bottomless pit in my heart
For now what overflows through its every crevasse
Is contentment, that of me, you are a part

I know not what it is to have a son or two
But am enthralled by the miracles that you do
My girls, my babies, my joys
Without you, my life is but meaningless noise

A bow to the heavens for a twin gift
Which endlessly provides my soul an unearthly lift

I thank each of you for being my daughter
And to God, for letting me be your father


Anonymous said...

Your angels? It was my angel!!

Triv said...

That's how the cookie crumbles!

Anonymous said...

loved the last two lines, i am sure the girls would be pleased abt this when they grow a little older and get into the 'my daddy strongest' phase....

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