Saturday, January 10, 2009

An interesting time

After Sol died, I didn't want to write anything else last year. He is just too much in our minds and the 'time heals all wounds' doesn't seem to work here. We still miss him like we did the day he left us. Some hurts never go away.

Anyway, on to more positive thoughts. Turned 40 this week and loving it. Not that it feels any different but I suppose it's some sort of milestone...or so everyone tells me...

We had a great year end bash. The family took off to Allepey for a house boat vacation for a few days, about 30 of us. That was a blast though the coordination between four houseboats remained an everlasting challenge.

My birthday went off without too many surprises which is how I wanted it. The breakfast at Dwaraka cafe was great. Other than idlis, we ordered everything else on the menu. It was actually quite an effort to not order idlis.

As usual, no resolutions this year. 2008 was an interesting year, not necessarily the best I've had. I almost reached my target weight. Got rid of 20 kgs and now need to maintain the body.After all, I'm getting old and can't afford not to!

I'm coming to realize how fragile relationships are (kinda late in my life) and how lucky I am ; just when I was going to take things for granted. Too many problems I've been hearing about in so many lives, near and dear ones, friends and family alike. I hope everyone sorts things out this year, because it really sucks otherwise. Good reason to sort things out, right?

I've been asked by my highly significant other to write serious stuff this year. Not sure if that's going to happen, but will give it a shot, though my core competency remains in inconsequential events and the lighter side of life. Time will tell how that goes.

And, in case it wasn't clear before, I can't get over Sol's passing. The tears still come out in his memory ever so often....

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Meena Venkataraman said...

Wish you a Very happy Birthday and a Great year ahead :)..

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