Not sure how I'm supposed to feel. Today's my 15 year anniversary of working. What do I have to show for this much time spent working? I really don't know. Is this what I'll be doing for the next 15 years? I hope not. But, then what else should I do? Hmmm...time for introspection. Something's gotta give.


Vijesh said…
Congrats Triv.. 15 years.. long run.. A Developer, A Lead, A Manager and a great person. :)

You should be taking off and spending time with your kids today. :P A perfect Anniversary plan. :)
Andre said…
Hei Triv,

Good to hear from you.

Emmmm ... 15 years ... aren't we all? There's a Chinese story on human life that concludes like this

- Live free and being cared for when young
- Work like a Cow when an adult
- Act like a Monkey when old

I don't think you've reach the Monkey stage yet ... so yeah ... take a good break! :-D
Pendulum said…
hey I am curious how do you feel????? Am at some kind of cross-roads myself. Do tell
sri said…
cmon Im sure youve hit a lot of career goals that you planned for..
time to take a sabbatical!
Anonymous said…
Interesting - I have reached 15 years anniversary and did not even realize - too busy with the mechanical life and no time to reflect back on whether it is all worth it :)

sdaas said…
15 years ain't so bad - you just have another 20 to go :) It's always difficult to quantify what we have achieved. Guess I will consider myself successful if I am able to leave a lasting positive influence on the lives of those I work with.

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