Thursday, December 22, 2011

App Frenzy

The only joy that comes close to seeing your child being born is when the apps you were part of creating, come to life in the marketplace. In a short span of two and a half months, we were able to start a company in Bangalore, hire people and release 4 mobile applications to the Barnes & Noble market, the Android Market, and the Apple iTunes store. 

As the year ends, I can't but consider myself extremely lucky as I have the best team anyone can hope for. The commitment, the perseverance, the dedication and attention to detail are a few of the qualities this team possesses in abundance. Hats off to the MoveableCode family and especially the folks in MoveableCode India who have been with me through thick and thin, always positive, always cheerful and always willing to go that extra step day in and day out.

Our work has just started but we could not have hoped for a better start. Actually, it's been a dream start as I spread my entrepreneural wings for the first time in my life. The excitement is building, the challenges are growing and the team is ready to take on innovations, technology creations and do whatever it takes to reinvent play for all generations and ages! A truly remarkable endeavor we've taken up and boy have we delivered!

Another eight days to go for the new year and if I don't publish any more posts this year, let's just call this a wrap. 

Happy New Year to all!

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