Thursday, January 26, 2012

An unexpected gift

Are some things just meant to be? I had never gone on the team runs for a few years now and yet when I did go for the first time earlier this week, I was rewarded with a disproportionate bonus.

Right after we completed our run, a bunch of us were standing around outside the park and chatting, when, literally, out of nowhere this little fellow appeared whining and generally looking very lost. Irresistible in every sense, the fat puppy just had to be lifted up. We all looked around for the owner but he was obviously alone.

Carrying home was a tougher task than I anticipated, as he was quite the solid mass of little dog. A warm bath with baby shampoo and some milk did wonders to the scared champ and he tentatively started exploring the house. We had no idea (and still don’t) of things to come.

The vet said he was fine except for his body being overloaded with ticks and fleas. Quite healthy overall was the prognosis. As far as his origins, the suspicion was a St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix.

A good 24 hours was spent trying to come up with a name for him and as is wont, suggestions ranged from outlandish to bizarre (someone suggested we name him ‘Cat’ just to confuse him).

Long story short, Rogue has taken to our family like the ticks to his body. Our older Golden Zak has not a moment of peace. Rogue has decided to live up to his name. Nothing is safe from him, no more dangling your feet carelessly down, shoes and wires are all fair game. He approaches life and people with an open mind and if he can get in a nibble or two in the bargain, all the better!

No final verdict on his breed but there’s a strong chance that he might be an Akita. Time will tell but in the meantime, Rogue continues to charm his way into our home and our hearts. This one’s a keeper for sure!

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