Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Testing Windows Live Writer

Any excuse to write I guess. Been putting it off too long. Windows has this cool feature called Live Writer which allows you to write to your blog directly from your PC. Just thought I’d try it out and get back to writing.

Longest break between blog articles! Lots of things happening in my life including a cancelled trip to Prague due to Eyjafjallajokull! Man, what a name! It just kinda rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? I’m sure the volcano is protesting against such a name. Why can’t they call it something simple like Etna or Vesuvius! Ok fine, it’s not a mountain but a glacier, or is it a mountain glacier? Anyway, you get my point…

Ok, more later. Remember this is just a test of Live Writer (with Andalus font & Teal color)….

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