Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Blue Elephant (By Niyathi Prasad)

Daas blue Elephant go to daas blue bird. "Bird, Bird, can you play with me?". Bird is tell "Can you fly with me?". Elephant tell "No, I can't fly with you". Then elephant sad.

All of them is not come

Then elephant is tell blue ocean "Blue ocean, can you play with me?". Is tell "No, I can't play with you". Elephant start cry.

Is come children. "Children, children, can you play with me?". "Yeah, I play with you"

Elephant very very happy!

Story over!!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Made Sri read both of them as well. Isn't it amazing to think Niyathi is old enough to tell stories!!???!! wow

How about Manasi?


Shashi said...

Isn't it a joy to hear such stories from your children. Great work capturing it. Lot of us just enjoy the moment and fail to capture it. I try to either write about it or record (video) it for enjoyment at a later time.

My daughter used to say ephitent for elephant and it was such a joy to listen to her talk like that. Fortunately it is all on tape so we can relish it anytime we want!

Keep it up. If possible, have her tell teh story and video tape it.

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