A small innocuous glint, an inconsequential spark. Easy to miss. Best to extinguish it then. A shadowy flame once in a while. A glowing ember. Think nothing of these. Aberrations.

More eruptions, so frequent that the timing between them blurs. They feed on each other in savage frenzy. The flame builds. There is no destroying it now.

Hungry, the fire seeks any opening to expand, to take over every fiber, every dark corner a starving welcome. Spanning, hunting, devouring. Unbiased destruction.

No death for this fire, except death itself.


Pendulum said…
reminds of the savage passion of my first crush:) Very well written!
Triv said…
Cool! Wanted to write something where it means something different to each person who reads it.
Anonymous said…
Wow.. too many emotions - feel like i am caught and i want to escape it all...


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