Friday, December 08, 2006

A land that time forgot

Wide roads, deserted streets
Is this really rush hour, peak traffic time?
Sleepy eyes, friendly waves
Park in the middle of the road
Have a cup of tea, coconut milk or sugar cane juice
Rustic buildings, ancient temples, and the trees, oh the trees!
Cobbler from ages past with a warming familiarity smiles
My grand father's tailor acknowledges me with a nod
There's nostalgia in the air, a song in the heart
The Home stands in silent elegance
Watching life go by at its own frenetic slowness
This is my hometown, my retreat, Mysore!


Anonymous said...

Beatufully captured the nostalgia of your hometown. Loved the word play in the last line. Also the line 'sleepy waves...parked in the middle of the road."


Triv said...


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