Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The stick, the coconut and the Water Man

Okay, folks! I know it's been a long time since my last epiphany. Just been plain lazy to write and there's probably a lot of you who are relieved to see this long gap. Anyway, ready or not, here I come again in the first part of my closing out the year.

Readers who have closely monitored my blog would know that I had been on the warpath looking for farmland. Well, in September, I finally bought a small piece about 20 km from where I live in Bangalore. Not much effort on my part, but the ceaseless energy of my cousin and his colleague bore fruit after a few weeks of intense negotiations and deal making.
Now, I am officially a zamindar and feeling mighty good about the whole thing. So, now I have this land and need to figure out what to do with it.

Commencing an agricultural sojourn requires water as is obvious to anyone. My cousin once again came to my rescue and identified a water diviner. Needless to say I was not sure how this was going to work. I had vaguely heard about such a profession but had never actually seen a diviner in action.

Ensuring we don't neglect the bare necessities of life, we had our breakfast at SLV (Banashankari branch) as we waited for the diviner to show up. We reached the divinee (just made up the word now) around 9 a.m. I watched in fascination as the diviner pulled out a couple of Y-shaped sticks taken from a tree. He then walked to the NE corner of the farm and what happened next was quite amazing, The stick in his hand revolved violently shaking his entire body. He pointed to the ground letting us know where we need to dig. Even more fascinating - he took out a coconut from his bag and placed it horizontally on the palm of his right hand and stretched out his hand. The coconut stood upright of it's own accord. And it only happened at that one spot on the plot.

The diviner then requested my cousin to hold the ends of the Y-stick and lo and behold, the stick turned downwards with the bottom of the Y being pulled towards the earth by an unseen force. I tried it too and the diviner placed his hands over mine and there was no doubt. I could feel the tug on the stick akin to metal being attracted to a magnet. I did the coconut thing too and sure enough, the coconut uprighted itself for me too! It wasn't as noticeable as when the diviner did it but there was absolutely no dispute that the coconut moved of it's own accord!!

My camcorder was used to capture this fantastic event. I still can't believe what happened and I am trying to find a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. All that is left to do now, is to dig and build a bore-well for the farm.

Very cool stuff!!

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Vijesh said...

cool triv.
upload the video and share it, inquisitive to see it!

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