Thursday, September 11, 2008

Business Acumen

Manasi wanted to know why I was so exhausted yesterday. I told her I was in a 3 day class. My conversation with her:

Manasi: "Why did you go to class? Because your manager asked you to?"

Me: "Yes, he asked me to so I can do my work better"

Manasi: "You were doing your work wrong?"

Me: "No, I am doing it well, but he wants me to do it even better"

Manasi: "What did you do in the class?"

Me: "We played a game on how to run a company"

Manasi: "Did you win? Did you make money?"

Me: "Yes, our team won and we made 340 Million dollars"

Manasi (with a sharp intake of breath): "I love you papa!! How did you make so much money?"

Me: "We made lots of things in our factories and sold them to people"

Manasi: "Teach me to play"

Me: "Sure baby, go to bed now"

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