Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You know you're a Volvo bus addict when...

  1. you know the route and timing of each bus
  2. you start to recognize the registration plates of each vehicle
  3. you have a favorite seat which fits you exactly
  4. the conductor automatically gives you the right fare ticket
  5. you get a big silly grin on your face every time you see one of those big red buses even when you’re not in one
  6. every 10 rupee note is guarded with your life and can only be pried from your cold dead hands
  7. without holding onto anything you are still left standing when the brakes are applied
  8. you watch in morbid fascination to see if your driver will actually run someone over
  9. you take the bus to work even on weekends and holidays
  10. you are actually able to get off at your stop during peak hours

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