Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zen and the art of auto surveys

Unfortunately, this is a second hand narration and didn’t happen to me but it warrants documentation of some sort. Apologies to my nephew if I failed to capture the sequence accurately:

So this guy shows up to do a survey on cars people own. I’ll now change into movie script style  and call my nephew ‘A’ and the survey guy ‘SG’. Creative huh? Okay, here goes:
SG: Sir, what car do  you own?
A: A Chevy. You can see it over there
SG: Sir, can I write BMW 3 Series?
A: Er...sure
SG: What is your next car?
A (Really getting into it now): A Phantom
SG: What is your dream car sir?
A: Ferrari
SG: Sir, please can I write down ‘Hyundai Verna’?
Based on one data point, we now  officially have someone with a BMW who’s planning to buy a Rolls Royce but secretly desires a Hyundai.

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Vidya Nataraj said...

hahaha!! too good !

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